Legal documentation
When you contact us we will send you information on registering the death and the forms for cremation for you to complete & return along with the registrars certificate for burial or cremation in a stamped addressed envelope provided. On receipt of these forms & cleared funds we will:

  • Remove and care for the deceased & arrange Dr’s forms if required

  • Provide dignified, temporary accommodation in our own private mortuary until the day of the cremation.

  • place the deceased in a simple cremation coffin, but we do not carry out any other preparation or embalming of the deceased.

NB: When we have delivered the paperwork to the crematorium and it has be authorised, we transport the deceased to the crematorium for a respectful and simple cremation.

Will you accept payment by the DWP (Social Fund)?
To maintain the low cost of this service package, we require payment in full at the time of arranging a Simple Cremation. However, as the DWP requires a funeral account to process a funeral payment claim anyway, you can still make a claim after the cremation has taken place. The items provided within the Simply Cremation package are all classified as allowable under a DWP funeral payment claim.

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